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01/21/2018Pastor Veronne Turning Things Around - Generational Patterns
Sunday Worship 2 Chronicles 34
Somethings are generational. They run in the background of your life. They are part of the operating system. If we are not vigilant to know and follow God's word, the underlying root of sin can overtake us. Through the kings of Judah, Pastor shows how to stand on God's word to turn generational patterns around.
01/21/2018Pastor Veronne Carter Put Your Big Boy Clothes On!
Special Service Mark 11
Special service at Monterey Wesleyan Church. Pastor Veronne delivers a message to this congregation to move us all toward spiritual maturity. Don't you know, God expects everything He invests in to grow! Don't display flowers instead of fruit. (Message is also viewable on FWC or Monterey's Facebook page for 1/21/2018)
01/14/2018Bro. Preston (PT) Bailey Turning Things Around: Victory and Recovery - a testimony
Sunday Worship
We start the year jumping right into the depth of life with this look at recovery (we all need recovery) and how God brings about a healing change in one particular life! A very powerful personal testimony.
01/07/2018Pastor Veronne Carter Opportunities: A look at Esther
Sunday Worship Esther Chapters 1 - 4
As a follow up to Joseph's story, Pastor Veronne begins the year with a look of how God, in His plan, positions us to be able to make the most of the opportunities He places in front of us. Opportunities which will bring us make an impact way beyond us or this moment.
12/31/2017Pastor Veronne NO!
Sunday Worship Genesis 37-50
HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we close out 2017 and glance into the possibilities of 2018, we reflect on doors closed, unusual circumstances and when God has told us "NO". And we realize that in Christ, "N.O." simply directs us to the "Next Opportunity"
12/24/2017Pastor Veronne Carter FEAR NOT (pt. 4)
Sunday Worship Luke 2
A Christmas series looking at the angels' interaction with the various people we find as part of the Christmas story. The angel appeared and said "Fear not..."

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